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Release date: 2023/9/11

Liao Dao transportation association2023〕13

All relevant units and experts:

Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association (hereinafter referred to asThe term of office of the fourth General Assembly and Council of the Association will expire in December 2023, and the preparatory work for the change has been initiated。In order to further optimize the members of the new session of the General Assembly and the expert pool of the Council,Adapt to the technical progress and development needs of the industry,Give full play to the professional and technical advantages of experts in enterprise operation, transformation and development, production safety and emergency management,To ensure that the association for the government, industry and member units to provide better services,Upon study,On the basis of the existing expert pool of the association,For the industry to collect a wide range of professional and technical personnel to add to the expert database。Notice of relevant matters is as follows:

一、Scope of collection

  (1) Business field

Road passenger transport, road cargo transport, urban public transport, bus terminal, motor vehicle maintenance, motor vehicle driver training and other road transport-related fields。

  (2) Professional direction

  Safety management, technology research, manufacturing, education and training, enterprise management, service operation, inspection and testing, supply chain, information technology, standardization, insurance, etc。

二、Declaration conditions

1.Love the party, dedication, good conduct, good political quality, professional ethics and professional ethics, love road transportation, able to perform work duties according to law, willing to undertake and competent expert work;

2.Long-term work in road transport authorities, enterprises or related industry enterprises, research institutes, intermediaries, familiar with the laws, regulations and standards of the industry, understand the relevant technical situation and frontier trends in the field, with solid professional basic knowledge, relatively rich practical experience;

3.Intermediate or above professional technical title or technician or above professional qualification, engaged in road transport or related management, professional technical work for more than 5 years, has a certain visibility and influence in the field of industry;

4.In good health, not more than 65 years old (conditions can be relaxed), able to participate in the association's related business activities。

3. Job responsibilities

1.Participate in the drafting, demonstration, evaluation (review) and research of relevant technical and standardization projects;

2.Participate in the demonstration and industrialization of new technologies, new materials, new equipment and new processes;

3.Participate in policy research and theoretical research in the industry field, and provide opinions and suggestions for industry-related policies and normative documents;

4.Participate in related policy, technology, security and other consulting services;

5.Carry out other related business activities according to the requirements of the association and its members。

4. Declaration procedures

1.Take the form of unit recommendation or individual application,Fill in the Application Form for Expert Qualification of Liaoning Road Transport Association (see annex),And attached ID card, academic degree, professional title qualification, academic achievements, honors and other relevant certification materials,Send the paper application to the Association by October 31, 2023,At the same time, send the scanned copy to the designated email address;

2.For experts in the existing expert database of the Association, they shall be re-examined according to the employment conditions. If they meet the conditions and are willing to continue to serve as experts, they shall be directly appointed;

3.The association will conduct qualification examination on the applicants. After the examination is passed, the association will publish the list of experts and issue the appointment letter. The appointment period is 3 years.The information of those who fail to pass the audit will not be returned。

5. Contact information

Contact: Zhu Qingyun, Yu Pingchuan, Yuan Zhiyong, Yang Guang, Li Gang;

Contact number:024-62421211/62421216;

Mailing address: Youyou Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang21号;



Attachment: Application form for expert qualification of Liaoning Road Transport Association



                 Liaoning Road Transport Association

                 September 11, 2023

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