Liaoning provincial road transport association conference management system



In order to fully promote democracy and strengthen the collective leadership of the Association, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association of Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association, the administration of various meetings is well done, and matters such as the classification and convening of meetings, the content and relevant provisions of meetings, and the relevant requirements of meetings are regulated.。

  I. Classification of meetings:

Article one According to the level and content of the meeting, it is divided into: member (representative) assembly, Council,

The Standing Council, the president's office, and the Board of Supervisors。

Ii. Contents and relevant regulations of the meeting

Article 2  The meeting contents and relevant regulations of the member (representative) assembly。

(一) Content of the meeting: The General Assembly of members (representatives) is the highest authority of the association。The functions and powers of the General Assembly are:

1. Formulate and amend the articles of association;

2. Election and dismissal of directors or supervisors;

3. Review the work report of the Council;

4. Decide on termination matters;

5. Decide on other important matters。

(二) Relevant rules of the conference:

1, the members (representatives) meeting must have more than two-thirds of the members (or member representatives) to attend the meeting,

Its decision shall be made by the members present(or member representatives) more than half of the vote to adopt。

2. Voting on the first and second functions of the General Assembly shall be conducted by secret ballot。

Article 3 The meeting of the Council and the relevant provisions。

(1) Contents of the meeting: The Council is the executive body of the Member (representative) Assembly, and leads the daily work of the Association during the intersessional periodThe assembly is responsible。The functions and powers of the Council are:

1, implement the resolutions of the members (representatives) assembly;

2. Elect and remove the president (chairman), Vice president (Vice Chairman) and executive director;

(3) Election and removal, or appointment and dismissal of the Secretary-General;

4. Prepare for the meeting of members (representatives);

5. Review the work report and financial report of the Standing Council;

6. Appointing honorary directors, honorary presidents, consultants and senior consultants;

7. Decide on other important matters。

(2) Relevant provisions of the Conference。

 1. The Council shall be convened only when two-thirds or more of the council members are present, and its resolution shall take effect only when voted by two-thirds or more of the council members present。

 2. The Council shall meet at least once a year。

Article 4 The contents and relevant regulations of the meetings of the Standing Council。

(1) Contents of the meeting。The Executive Director shall be elected by the Board of Directors and shall exercise the rules of the Board when the Board of Directors is not in sessionFunctions and powers 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, responsible to the Council。

(二) Meeting rules: The Standing Council shall meet at least once every six months。Standing Council shall

The meeting shall be held only when more than two-thirds of the executive directors present, and the resolution shall take effect only when voted by more than two-thirds of the executive directors present。

 Article 5 Contents and relevant regulations of the meeting of the President's office。

(1) Contents of the meeting: When the Executive Council is not in session, the President's office, composed of the President and vice presidents, shall discuss important matters that need to be collectively decided in the daily work of the Council and exercise the functions and powers of the Executive Council。

(二) Rules of the meeting:

1. If the participants are unable to participate in the office meeting due to special circumstances, they can assign others to participate on their behalf or in advance

Explain the situation to the president。

2. The President's office will be presided over by the president and held once a year。Can be convened at any time under special circumstances, or

By means of communication。

3, the president's office will implement the principle of democratic centralism, and all issues must be collectively studied and fully discussed

After the discussion, the president shall make a decision, and a show of hands shall be used to vote on matters of disagreement。All resolutions made by the President's office shall be carried out resolutely。

Article 6 The contents and relevant regulations of the meeting of the Board of supervisors。

(1) Contents of the meeting: The Board of Supervisors shall supervise the activities of the Association and be responsible to the representative assembly of the members。 The supervisors or the board of supervisors shall exercise the following functions and powers:

 1. Report the annual work of the supervisor or the Board of supervisors to the member representative assembly

 2, involving major matters of the association, the supervisor needs to attend the meeting, if found to be inconsistent with national laws and regulations and relevant policies, should propose to convene the board of supervisors。

(2) Rules of the meeting 

 1. The meeting of the Board of supervisors shall be convened and presided over by the chief supervisor. If the chief supervisor is unable to perform his duties due to special reasons, he may entrust other supervisors to convene and preside over the meeting。The board of supervisors may be convened temporarily if more than half of the supervisors propose。 

 2. After the end of the meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the meeting resolution shall be formed on the same day。The head of supervisor shall organize all the supervisors attending the meeting to sign the resolution, and submit it to the registration administration authority for record within 3 days after the resolution is formed;All members must be notified within 10 days after the procedure is performed。

Iii. Relevant requirements of the Meeting

Article 7 The various meetings provided for in this System are limited in time。The meeting host, convening departments and participants should make full preparations before the meeting。Including meeting notice, sign-in paper (this), meeting agenda, speech outline used in the meeting, submission of materials, venue layout, etc。

Article VIII If the meeting cannot be held for some reason, the moderator of the meeting shall notify the participants before the meeting。Participants in various meetings shall not ask for leave without special reasons;Any request for leave must be approved by the meeting moderator。Participants in all kinds of meetings must strictly observe the rules of the meeting and must not be late or leave early.The phone should be placed on vibrate standby;The meeting should not be affected。

The ninth article The Secretariat shall properly keep and file the Minutes and other original materials and printed materials of various meetings。The Minutes of various meetings shall be issued in the form of documents to member units at all levels。

Article ten All resolutions and decisions of the meeting shall not violate the relevant provisions of the State, the government and the competent departments of the industry;It shall not violate the relevant provisions and decisions of the Association;It should be conducive to the survival and development of member units。