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Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association passenger station branch part of the main responsible person meeting was held in Shenyang



Release time: 2020/7/16

Affected by the epidemic, the difficulties and pressures of the passenger station in our province have increased significantly since the resumption of work, and the operation conditions are difficult and facing many problems。In order to effectively promote and implement the relevant work, offer suggestions for the passenger station and develop together,2020714On the same day, the meeting of the main person in charge of the prefecture-level city station of the passenger station branch was held in the conference room of the Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association14 passenger stations total 21People attended this meeting。The meeting was chaired by Zhao Haiying, president of the branch, and Chen Meng, Vice president and secretary-general of the association, attended the meeting。

At the meeting, Zhao Haiying, president of the branch, briefly explained the content of the work meeting。The meeting mainly focused on the operating status of the passenger station in the past six months, the public welfare identification and the situation of difficult enterprises to apply for subsidy funds from the government。The meeting focused on reflecting that the passenger transport industry has been affected by many factors such as the impact of high-speed rail and private cars, and the continuous decline in passenger flow has caused difficulties in the operation of both stations and vehicles.The epidemic in 2020 has made the difficult station even worse, many stations are facing layoffs, salary cuts, and the loss of employee wages, and the subsidies applied are also a drop in the water, which cannot solve the actual problems of enterprisesAnd the public welfare identification has not been made progress。The meeting listened to the relevant suggestions put forward by the representatives to solve the problem。

Vice President and Secretary-General Chen Meng made a concluding speech。She put forward,The provincial Road Transport Service Center and the association have been very concerned about all aspects of the passenger station,Especially during an epidemic,The association has repeatedly conducted research on the relevant situation of the passenger station,And report the findings to the center,Center leaders attach great importance to it,The corresponding arrangements are made for the difficulties faced by the passenger station,Finally, the policy support of subsidy funds will be issued。She requested that, on the basis of fully listening to the opinions and suggestions of the delegates, the focus of this meeting will be sorted out by the sub-committee after the meeting, and relevant information will be formed and reported to the relevant departments。At the same time, thank you very much for your trust and support for the association all the time. The Association will do its best to find a solution to the difficulties, relieve the pressure of enterprise operation, create a good business environment, and contribute its own strength。