Job Posting



Job Posting



Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) was established in April 2002, is approved by the provincial Department of Transport, registered by the provincial Department of Civil Affairs, with legal personality of the provincial social organization, belongs to the industry, non-profit organization。Internal departments of the association: General Management Department, Industry Policy Department, Technical advisory Department。协Will have in the province to large and medium-sized road transport enterprises, buses, driving schools, passenger stations and municipal road transport association as the main body of group members。

The following staff are being recruited for development:

Job 1:1 clerk in Industry Policy Department

     Requirements: Male, under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in transportation, working experience in related industries for more than 5 years, with related professional titles。Strong language organization, writing and coordination skills, understanding of transportation related industry policies and regulations。

Position 2:1 secretary in general Management Department

     Requirements: Male,Under 35 years old,Bachelor degree or above,Major in Chinese, Secretary, administration, etc,More than 5 years related work experience,Familiar with office administration,Have strong communication skills and organization and coordination skills,Have solid writing skills,Have a quick mind,Strong logical thinking,Good at document writing,Applicants with relevant professional title certificates are preferred。

The above personnel are preferentially employed as Party members. Once employed, they can enjoy national statutory holidays and rest and pay social security。Have room for advancement。